A big thank you to Cynthia Hallen and her combined English Language 495 and Linguistics 495 class, who put together the lexicon entries. The students read through all of Eliza R. Snow’s poems that contained the particular word they were researching and documented different ways that Snow used the word. Each class member’s contribution is listed below.


Website Designers

Catia Shattuck

Caroline Bliss Larsen

Marie Bourgerie Hunter



Lexicon Contributors

Catia Shattuck, death entries

Anton Langer, earth entries

Jason Orme, eternity entries

Holly Astle, friend entries

Braden Bolton, God entries

Ashley Holmes, hand entries

Jessie Rose, heart entries

Caroline Bliss Larsen, heaven entries

Robert Faulkner, home entries

Josh Day, life entries

Jake Crump, light entries

Holly Hickman, love entries

Shanna Moyes, name entries

Malena Eads, nature entries

Rogelio Bonilla Barrera, place entries

Lizzie Estudillo, soul entries

Marie Bourgerie Hunter, time entries

Paige Dickerson, world entries


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